Streamlining access to top professionals with personal referrals and swift appointments.

The socialized medical system in Israel provides subsidized treatments to citizens. However, access to top doctors can be hard to achieve, with long waiting lists for appointments.

ICSN uses its far-reaching influence to bring cancer patients to the top of the waiting list, arranging appointments with top specialists at a moment’s notice. With many aggressive forms of cancer, every day counts in the fight to save lives. ICSN brings patients to the care they need as fast as possible. Israel is the ‘start-up nation’ – new forms of cancer treatment are being developed at hospitals around the country.

ICSN constantly monitors new medical developments and ground-breaking research, to help cancer sufferers benefit from these new technologies as soon as they become available.
Patients have the piece of mind of knowing that their physical needs are taken care of, which in turn helps to ease the psychological burden of treatments.

ICSN was able to cut through the medical bureaucracy so I could get an appointment with my cancer doctor when I needed it.


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