Subsidized treatments for those not covered by insurance.

Israel’s socialized medical system provides a subsidized basket of medicines for Israel’s citizens. However, in spite of the fact that every year new cancer drugs are added to the basket, there are still many cancer drugs that aren’t covered by insurance. For cancer patients without the economic means to draw on, the inability to purchase certain medicines can be a death sentence.

In recent years, some cancer patients have turned to social media as a last resort, asking people to share leftover drugs that they don’t need, or crowdfunding to raise the funds needed to purchase these precious medicines. After seeing this dire situation reenacted time and time again in cancer wards across the country, ICSN created a financial aid fund to assist low-income individuals buy these life-saving drugs. Thanks to ICSN, cancer patients in Israel are overcoming financial discrimination and getting the medicine they need to fight the disease.

Some people just can’t afford the premiums, but ICSN finds ways to cover the costs for economically-challenged families.


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