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Dear "Darchei Miriam",
About a year ago our father Arye Golan z"l was diagnosed with cancer. Our "journey" started in the oncology clinic at Macon Sharet in Hadassah Ein Karem, through the oncology ward in Ein Karem, and ended in the Har Ha'tzofim's Hospital. Read More >> Through this difficult year we tried to be with our father as much as possible. This period of time is filled with many inconveniences that our usually very expensive to deal with. That's why we were so relieved and glad to discover your "Pina Chama" where we were offered hot and cold drinks in every stop in our journey. Some might say – It's only a cup of coffee. But it is so much more. The feeling of someone being aware of our struggle and doing the most they can to help us push through this difficult time was heartwarming every time.
We appreciate all you do and wish you the strength to keep helping and encouraging others.
We wish you a Shana Tova,
Yair, Tamar and Michal,
Arye Golan z"l children.
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Dear volunteers, managers and workers of the Chesed organization "Darchei Miriam",
We would like to thank you for another year of running the "Pina Chama" in our department. We witness every day how your donation brings joy and encouragement to our patients. Read More >> I am certain you bring Ms. Miriam Vingertein z"l a lot of Nachas. We wish you a Shana Tova, a year full of Chesed and kindness,
Hematology ward staff,
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Dear "Darchei Miriam",
We would like to thank you for your generous donation of a new Coffee place in the Oncology ward. Patients and their families can now receive a hot beverage every day between treatments. We wish you all the best and pray all your wishes come true,
The Oncology Ward staff
Sha'arei tzedek hospital.

Dear "Darchei Miriam",
In 2007 "Darchei Miriam" built a Pina Chama in the Oncology children ward in Hadassah Ein Karem. Every night, in silence and humility the organization's voulenteers come and stack the place with cups, milk, sugar and of course chocolate milk for the kids. Read More >> Lately they even brought a slush machine that brings joy to kids and grown-ups alike. Admission in our department can take a long period of time and it's hard to imagine it without the ability to wake up after another difficult night and drink a cup of coffee in your Pina Chama.
There are no words to thank you for this enormous contribution to our patients and their families. Thank you!
Dr. Mickey Weintraub
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Dear Mr. Aharl'e Weingerten,
I would like to thank you and your organization "Darchei Miriam" for all the Chesed you do for our patients. For the great coffee spot – with coffee, sugar, milk and plenty of cups and other supplies given with generosity that warms our hearts.
For the phone-recharging station!Read More >> Our patients spend long periods of time in the hospital and frequently their battery runs out – your stations re life-savers.
For driving our patients from all across town and back.
And for plenty more acts of kindness you are involved in.
We wish you all the best and pray more and more organization would follow in your footsteps.
Dalia Gordon,
Head nurse,
Oncology ward, Hadassah Ein Karem.
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