Cancer strikes around the world. In Israel, where daily existence is often a struggle, the burden of cancer is debilitating. ICSN is giving cancer sufferers new hope.

ICSN works in partnership with the service provider, Darchei Miriam, and forms the American Friends of Darchei Miriam.

Darchei Miriam was established in 2002 by Rabbi Israel Weingarten, following his wife Miriam’s battle with cancer. After her heroic fight against the disease, Rabbi Weingarten and his family were moved to create an organization in her memory. Miriam Weingarten a”h was a generous woman, who graced those around her with kindness, benevolence and love. She raised her children to value charity, public service and giving to others. Founding an organization dedicated to offering emotional and physical support to cancer sufferers was the most fitting tribute to this commendable woman.

ICSN is a warm community of cancer support throughout Israel. A network of dedicated volunteers and professionals stand with families to ease the burden of cancer treatment.

We are all in this battle together and just speaking with someone who has endured and survived the process and the treatments, is a healthy prescription for all of us.


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